“For some reason society likes to peg someone. A girl with short hair is gonna be gay, a guy with long hair is gonna be gay…people are playing around with their identities more and more, and they’re just saying things about themselves…” - photographer Lola Flash discusses her work, film by Nono Osuji 

 ”And one of the things straight culture hates most is a sign that the different parts of the package might be recombined in an infinite number of ways. But experience shows that this is just what tends to happen. If heterosexuality requires the entire sequence, then it is very fragile. No wonder it needs so much terror to induce compliance.” - from Michael Warner’s The Trouble With Normal, p.38

~   Dele Jegede (“Art for Life’s Sake: African Art as a Reflection of an Afrocentric Cosmology”)


Felix Gonzalez-Torres. 

Any of you who have been following the blog for a while will already know of my love for FGT. He’s certainly my favorite artist and I think his work is incredibly moving. These light pieces are from the Venice Biennale and I think they are visually really stunning. I’m also a huge fan of using light as a medium for creating art. This is quite a different take from the way Robert Irwin (who I also adore) or Dan Flavin tackle light. In this case, the bulbs appear more familiar and common—like much of FGT’s materials—and I think the ephemeral nature of of the lightbulb is emphasized. Eventually, the lightbulb burns out. 

God I want to mount him.

Lol at this blog being called magic altars. Magic? Really?
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